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    I can find the network, but I just cannot broswe anything on the broswer, it keeps saying the URL may be incorrect.

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    Re: Cannot connect to intermet

    Clear your phone's cache and cookies then retry browsing. Check to see that you are attaching to the data network- phones will normally say E, 3G or 4G when connected. You should have at least 2 bars of signal for web browsing. Make sure you are entering the url correctly as well. If your phone is a smart phone with full html browsing most websites should come up. If you only have a mobile browser on your phone some websites simply will not work, but many have mobile sites, check the site you are going to, to ensure you are using the correct url. Try connecting to a few other sites, if you can browse other sites, but not the one you want to get to it is likely an issue with the website itself. If you cannot broswe any sites then you may have problems with data on your account and can either go to your online account via a computer and connect to chat support or give AT&T a call (from a different phone) to do some troubleshooting.
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