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    Is it possible with AT&T to get internet access using a wireless modem? i.e. - the wireless modem talks to the cell towers. If so, what do they call this service?? Is there a better name for such a modem?

    Would such be a viable alternative to DLS and Uverse? Or, is this a part of Uverse?? I don't want their Uverse digital TV.

    Could I have a wireless moden plugged into a router that communicates to my desktop computer and laptop? Right now I have a DSL modem plugged into a wireless router. This router allows both computers to share the internet and each other.

    Would I be able to use my laptop at different locations that have this service and do such modems have a port for an external antenna? I would want to use both my laptop and desktop in fringe areas.

    Obviously I don't know much about this stuff! But, I would like to drop DSL in favor of a mobile system for both my laptop and my desktop computers. ( I live 4 months out of the year in an RV that does not have DSL available but I do have cell tower access at 850 MHz and sometimes 1900 MHz).

    Any help appreciated!

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    Re: Internet access without DSL or cell phones?

    AT&T, and many other carriers, offer Mobile Hotspots. These are modems that wirelessly share the cellular Internet connection. Is AT&T the only provider available in your area? If not, there might be some prepaid providers that are cheaper and don't require a contract, such as Virgin Mobile USA.

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    Re: Internet access without DSL or cell phones?

    Some Internet Service Providers using cable or DSL may offer dialup Internet service also for no additional cost. These connections would require access to a telephone line for dialing out. Locations such as libraries, hotels, fast food restaurants and coffeeshops may also offer Wi-Fi hotspots. Even Lowe's, Home Depot and Wal-Mart may have hotspots. Your laptop would need a wireless radio to access these hotspots. The radio could be internal, a PC card or USB device. All hotspots may not be free.

    If you want Internet service from your cellular provider, you would have to subscribe to the appropriate data plan. This service would not be unlimited.
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    Re: Internet access without DSL or cell phones?

    AT&T, and many other carriers, offer Mobile Hotspots.

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