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    I am trying to unlock my iPhone 4 locked to at&t through at&t.
    The only thing you need for this is to be an at&t customer and to provide the wirelles cellphone number, the last 4 digits of your social sec number and the zipcode of the number.

    I am not an at&t member so if someone would provide that information I could make things interesting. $.$

    Thank You!

    Contact me by email: [email protected]

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    Re: Unlock at&t iPhone out of contract

    Yes, if you are a current ATT customer, or an ex customer, with an Iphone that is out of contract, just call into ATT customer care - 611 on an ATT phone, or 800-331-0500 give them either your current ATT phone #. or the phone # you used to have for ex customers, then the security information, normally the last 4 of the ssn. You'll be asked for the IMEI # of the phone (Settings/General/About) and your email address. The phone must be out of contract - either contract is over, you cancelled and paid the early termination fee, or upgraded to a newer phone with a contract.
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