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    AT&T's LG A340 would be a decent voice "dumb" phone except that AT&T and LG have loaded it FULL of junkware that CANNOT be deleted. Ignore what you might see on the AT&T web site - NOT ONE of the numerous preloaded junk apps has a "Delete" option. This phone is designed to trick you into using data. Here are the apps that I cannot delete:
    - Star Tweets
    - Wikimobile
    - snap
    - UNO
    - Pac-Man Champion
    - My-Cast Weather
    - Bejeweled
    - Maps
    - City ID
    - Browser
    - YPmobile
    - Mobile Web
    - AppCenter
    - AT&T Navigator
    - AT&T FamilyMap
    - Social Net
    - AT&T Radio
    But wait - it gets worse!! My speed dial menu is ALREADY POPULATED with the following AT&T numbers that always appear at the top of the list and CANNOT BE DELETED OR MOVED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST:
    - AT&T Check Bill Balance
    - AT&T Customer Care
    - AT&T Directory Assistance
    - AT&T Pay My Bill
    - AT&T View Data Usage
    - AT&T View My Minutes
    - AT&T VoiceDial
    Because these seven appear at the top of the list, the speed dials for my family members DO NOT APPEAR ON THE SCREEN unless I scroll down. THERE IS NO WAY TO CHANGE THIS.
    I have now spoken with AT&T four times about this. AT&T has finally admitted that NONE OF THESE CAN BE DELETED OR MOVED.
    So - it's your call.
    PS - AT&T rejected the above review from their forum web site.

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    Re: AT&T's LG A340 is full of junkware that CANNOT be deleted

    That is normal for carrier-branded phones. Just don't use the features you do not like.
    Earl F. Parrish

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    Re: AT&T's LG A340 is full of junkware that CANNOT be deleted

    Mr. Parrish: Your post misses the point. This junk is in the way and tries to make the phone use data. It is so bad that I've had to ask AT&T to turn off my phone's internet access. City ID continued to pop up at the end of calls until I finally sent many emails to the app's maker Cequint and got them to send an IM to my phone that disabled the damned stupid app.

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    Re: AT&T's LG A340 is full of junkware that CANNOT be deleted

    Thanks for the follow up.

    Unfortunately this is how carriers make their money, through little services.

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