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    Warning to future AT&T contract signers. After 2 successive 2-year contracts with 2/4 then 3/4 crappy phone which their IT people admit are junk, their policy is to replace it with refurbished same junk phone multiple times, so eventually just got second hand phones...and when time came, mid month, transferred to Verizon. Turns out, in the agreement that one apparently signs in the beginning of the contract, there is a $58 termination fee as well a rule that says when the billing cycle is entered, they bill for the whole cycle. Meaning the final bill has a credit for the days not used, then they bill the same amount back on because of this rule stating that they require 30 day notice for termination. Also, I learned with Verizon who probably has the same practice, you basically pay ahead by a month or nearly a month in advance with the first sign-up bill that only covers a few days. They do this deliberately, knowing that at the end, when they bill for the cycle, they are actually collecting a month's plus of fees. It's not worth the time to figure it all out other than to know that AT&T is a deliberate, maligned entity that is run by very savvy people that care ultimately very little for the individual customer...and we all get suckered one way or another eventually. Many spoofs through the years about the evils of phone companies, but now it's wireless...but the evil minds still work their magic. 25 yrs ago, when I was in college, I bought an AT&T phone, thinking I would save the costly phone rental fees that was charged in those days. A lot of people bought the phone, only to get the same bill amount with a disclosure after the fact, the $150 which was big money for a college student was the cheap plastic box, but not the inner workings which you still had to rent. AT&T has not changed...nor do I think has Verizon bases on my experience so far. I guess one consolation is that I don't work for this company, and I feel for all the employees that has to tout the company line, and pity the ones that buy into this culture. I am going to pay this final bill, because it's a contract I unknowingly fell into. But for all of you thinking about a multi-year plan to get a fancy phone...think twice! Feeding the giants only stifles competition. Buy the phone and go month to month with your money to the little guys. That's what I am doing next time...

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    I agree that it's sneaky and don't think that it should happen but they are in business to make money. This is unfortunately one if the ways they do it.

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    Re: AT&T and the fine print

    Always, always, ALWAYS read the entire contract, even the fine print so you know what you're getting yourself into. You should also keep the copy of the contract and any paperwork so when you decide you want to switch, you can follow any rules that you agreed to when you signed.

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