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    How do you feel that at&t is outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and taking jobs away from hard working americans. I use to work for call center in canada contracted by at&t and they trained us to treat most americans like there mentally retarded no offence someone should say something or spread the word

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    Re: Customer services jobs outsourcing

    Do you not work there anymore because they moved operations overseas? It's rare that I ever get connected to someone in the US when calling a major provider. I can tell when I get someone from Canada though.

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    Re: Customer services jobs outsourcing

    Did you ever check reservation status on designing web applications? If yes, how many people can actually use that kiosk only literate one or those who know little bit english. Lot of people who are standing by side and ask help to check their status or how to use it.

    That one we can call bad software design first always ask question before making any software who's the user. And then design according to it.

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    Re: Customer services jobs outsourcing

    Certainly, customer service outsourcing has become increasingly popular among businesses looking to streamline their operations and cut costs. By outsourcing customer service tasks to external providers, companies can benefit from the expertise and resources of professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support. While there are potential downsides to outsourcing, such as the risk of communication issues or cultural differences, many businesses find that the benefits outweigh the risks.

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