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    I try to use between 15-18 GBs a month and I'm on the new UDP.... do any of you think any of the new retention plans are a better deal?

    I'm paying the $100 for unlimited but possible slow down after 22GB


    Those are the 3 retention plans i was considering. I also get 15% off with a FAN so knock off about $10 for any of those. I also use a Nevada billing address so taxes are extremely low and a non factor.

    What do you guys think? Unlimited sounds amazing but as much as I try I can never use more than 19-20 GBs in one cycle haha.

    $110 for 50GB sounds great but I know I would never be able to use that. It's also nice knowing I wouldn't be slowed down ever.


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    Re: UDP or new Retention Plans?

    You can not tether with Unlimited and if you have Unified billing a loss of FAN discount.
    So, I think the 32 GB plan, no more overage charges threats as the New Data plans Advantage eliminate that issue. Also, if you have DirecTV or U-verse you can stream Unlimited on ATT mobility network because you are proprietary! Hope this helps! I do work in industry actually


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