My non-tech savvy sister's first foray into smartphones was a disaster, resulting in perhaps the worst phone ever, so I told her I'd help her find a phone worth devoting pocket space to.

Her needs are pretty simple, really, as she won't use the phone for much other than calls (often with Bluetooth), picture-taking, Internet access and navigation. Hence it needn't be particularly fast, nor have gobs of memory or storage, although she would like enough room to store a few pics and install the occasional app (her current phone ran out of room after she installed four!).

Mostly, it needs to have good reception and call quality, reliable Internet and bluetooth connections, and a generally high level of function. A responsive touchscreen is important, as she has limited use of her right hand (and is right-handed). A decent quality camera would be nice, and reasonably accurate voice input.

Other than that, simple is best, and while she can afford to spend whatever is necessary to get a phone that works well in the ways I've described, she doesn't want to spring for whiz-bang features she'll never use.

All advice will be greatly appreciated.

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