I chatted with an ATT agent and requested to give me a promotional offer that ATT offers to customers who switch from other providers. After consulting with his supervisor, he agreed. However ATT did not keep the promise. Because for some reason a phone agent does not have access to what a chat agent said.

I spoke for hours couple of times going over the whole process again with loyalty Dept. One agreed, asked me to submit chat copy to ATT store. But when I called again they feigned ignorance. Isint this cheating ?

The worst part, when I first chatted Verizon has a fantastic offer which I had shelved in favor of being loyal to ATT.

Got a real taste of messy ATT customer service. I feel cheated. ATT won't feel a thing if they​ lose one poor customer. But I will feel happier by telling the whole world on every social media I can possibly imagine.

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