I'm a T-Mobile customer considering switching to AT&T. I like T-Mobile's price but I no longer get reliable service on my property. AT&T has an antenna on a tower 1/2 mile from my house. In fact, I can see it from my office window.

I recently purchased my first smart phone, a new Galaxy S7, from a 3rd party reseller. It's locked to T-Mobile. I've been in touch with T-Mobile regarding my reception problem. The rep verified my phone is "eligible for unlock" and updated my account accordingly, and told me I could now use the T-Mobile Unlock App. It didn't work. I tried multiple times. I guess I'll have to take the phone to the nearest T-Mobile store to sort that out.

In the meantime, an AT&T rep checked the phone's IMEI and said the phone is not compatible with their network. I find that odd since AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM. Could perhaps the "IMEI check" app be impacted by locked status? Or does the app only check hardware compatibility? It would be a real bummer if I have to buy another phone to switch to AT&T.

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