Hi, first time poster. I have a question about my wifi connectivity on an IPhone 7. My account is temporarily suspended (I can't pay the bill until after the first of next month.). The phone was picking up wifi from my home network last night, but as of this morning, it doesn't even recognize my network. When I go to settings to have it search for wifi networks, mine doesn't even show up. A couple of others in my neighborhood do though and I'm wondering why it won't pick up my home network, when it did just last night. I've searched all day online for a fix for this and so far all I've gotten is: 1. Turn your IPhone off and back on again. 2. Turn your modem off and then on again and 3. Go to Settings and Refresh Settings. I've done all of these and I'm still having the same problem. I thought that the wifi on the phone would still work even though my account is suspended since that particular function doesn't rely on the AT&T carrier to work. Can someone help me with this, please? Thanks.

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