I recently upgraded to an LG G4 from an LG G2. Bought the LG G4 new (didn't want to pay $400+ for latest) because my old LG G2 was slowing down, although it still worked fine. Now I hate the LG G4. There are several reasons but three that stand out...1) Google bloatware and the apps are loaded with ads. 2) I can't load data (photos, music, etc) through PC because it's only compatible with Windows 10 and I have Windows 7, and 3) and most important, it's prone to heating up. A friend warned me about this problem.but I didn't believe it but this thing can get uncomfortably warm/hot!
Also, when I transferred data using Android NFC it deleted some files and, this is weird, it deleted the STREET addresses for many of my contacts leaving the names, phone numbers, city, state and zip!
I'd go back to my LG G2, and in fact I probably will temporarily, but there's no way to add additional memory. So I'm looking for suggestions for a replacement that won't overheat, is compatible with Windows 7 and won't break the bank.

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