Great news for Motorola and Lenovo fans.

Now you will get full IMEI info about your device

How to check IMEI of Motorola or Lenovo ?

1. go to Motorola IMEI check
2. type your phone IMEI number
3. after few seconds you will get full info

Exemple of Motorola IMEI check

IMEI : 35215310076xxxx
Product Code : TF5
Customer Model Number : PACW0024GT
SN/MSN : TF53JWxxxx
Model Number : PACW0024GT
Ship Date : 2018-12-06
Status Codes : BTL
Transceiver Model Number : PACW0024GT
Device Rooted : Yes
Handset Type : GSM
Model : MOTOPhone XT1920-18 GT 1+16G BL SSL TIGO
Ship to City : Miami
Country Code : SV
E-Wed : 2020-06-11
S-Wed : 2020-06-11
Warranty Expiration Ends : 2020-06-11
Warranty Status : Out of Warranty (ROOTED)
Ship Date : 2018-12-06
Warranty Flag : NO
Country Code : SV
Sold to Cust Country : El Salvador
Try it and post results

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