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    Hi all....

    Hoping you can help me out? I bought my phone last month, and I was able to download one wallpaper from Get it Now.

    Now, I go to the apps and download and it charges me, and then I go to activate it and the wallpaper I thought I saved was not there.

    I called the help desk (useless they were) and the guy told me that the phone does not download wallpaper. I asked him why because it used to......he said he did not know....

    What the hell is that?

    Can anyone help me around this issue??

    Thank you!!

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    What sort of help is that? He simply doesn't know why it doesn't work now?

    Regardless, I have never had that problem. When assigning your wallpaper you have some catagories to choose from, such as preloaded, images (i think) and multimedia. Did you look through each catagory? I know the images I have personally made and downloaded go to multimedia, while the ones i downloaded from telus go to images. Use the left and right arrow keys to cycle through catagories when your at the preloaded images screen. Hope this helps you!

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