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    ok i got this phone like 2 months ago and i loved it but some things are just well..pissing me off

    - my pictures are normal size when i view them in my inbox but then when i set them as wallpaper it shows up as like a small picture with all this white space around it!

    - how do i get my greeting message to show up? when i change the NAM settings to 2, which is what some ppl reccomended before, it turns my phone into ROAMING MODE...why the hell does it do that?!?

    - how do i get rid of that annoying verizon wireless blinking ad on the LCD display? i dont care about the advertising. its just when i want to look at the time its always on the ad and i have to flip my phone all the time to see the time.......i know how to get rid of it by making the NAM setting to number 2 but it makes it to the ROAMING MODE again

    - also how do you get rid of the clock on the main screen? you know..the one that covers up 25% of your wallpaper.

    - how do you put on the faceplates? and i only see them sell the faceplate....why dont they have the back plate and the keypad plate like all the other phones?

    if anyone could help me with any of these...THANKS SOOO MUCH

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    I am wondering about all those stupid things about the phone too. I want to change the verizon wireless thing on the screen but you cant. I want to know exactly like you do how to get your greeting message to come up but it never does.Its gay. I just got this phone like 2 weeks ago.I NEED HELP!!!

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    I found this for the cable and USB driver:


    And this works easier to remove the banner and download pics:


    But I have not been able to upload/download wallpapers.

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