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    I would like some recommendations for a secure belt carrying case/pouch for my 8900 phone. I have the plastic belt holder that came with the phone, but have never used it - as it does not seem reliable - a slight bump and out comes the phone. I have a swivel clam shell case that swiveled upside down and I lost the phone (for the day.) I would like a case that is heavy duty and has a flap that would keep the phone from falling out in any orientation. Sorry for being long winded. Wayniac

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    If the swivel clam shell case gives you problems, I think you're only left with a belt clip case with no swivel.

    Something like these probably:

    That's from daydeal, here's the direct link to that (Aurora Belt Clip Carrying Pouch #1): http://www.daydeals.com/product.php?...6&cat=4&page=1

    There's not many without swivel, you might want to try e-bay as your last resort. I'm in manhattan and all the sidewalk cell accessories carry a wide variety. I'll take a look if they have ones without the swivel clips for you.

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