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    I am new here so you can belive this or not. Many of you may know some may not but Virgin Mobile is coming out with the Audiovox 8900 Camera Phone soon and a cool new service called VirginXL. It will most likly let you use wireless internet not just the useless Virgin Xtras and also if you have the Audiovox 8610 you WILL be able to download Wallpaper and Screensavers. It is suppose to come out near Xmas. If you don't belive me go here. http://www.virginmobileusa.com/xl/about.do . If you call Virgin Mobile some reps will deny it yet some will tell you little tid bits like how one told me it will work with the 8610. They can't really tell you tho since its still oppose to be undercover.

    See More: Virgin XL!!! Good News For Audiovox 8610 Users
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    Sorry, but it is only available for the new camera phone Flasher V7. It came out the 20th of September along with the phone. Vox 8610 users are out of luck. But send in requests and tell your friends to if they have Vox 8610 or the Slider. You can do it on the Virgin Mobile USA website or call them if you have trouble finding where to e-mail them. If we put in enough requests they may do something about it and maybe an OTA (Over The Air) update.

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