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    Is there a way to save words that the phone (CDM8900) doesnt recognize to its system? i hate having to re-type "ouch" 3000 times. thanks for the help

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    I think I get your question, but just correct me if i'm wrong.

    There's this thing called Quick Text, so you don't have to type out over and over again:

    1. Press Message Button or get to your Messaging Menu
    2. Scroll down to Quick Text or press 8
    3. Press the option button under Menu
    4. Press Ok (Add New)
    5. Type in whatever you want to save, then press Ok.
    6. When you're in a text message and you're editing the content, just press the Menu button, then make sure Insert Quick Text is selected and press Ok.
    7. Select the new one you just added, which should be at the bottom.

    Hopefully that helps. If that's not what you were talking about, just let me know.

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    no that isnt what i was talking about i know about the quick text but thanks i appreciate the help..

    what im trying to figure out why when u use the T9Word selection and it doesnt comprehend a word you want to put in, how do u add it. i know on my old nokia fone u could add words to its database so it would recognize it under the T9Word format

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