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    I Dont know what happened, it was fine.. I Set it on my desk...

    came back 1 hour later.. and i notived the Letters Where Changed from Black to Blue, And that there was a blue Blue Dots on the Main Screen..

    Then I Went into the menu, and all the Menu Animations Are Totally Screwed up.... Along with the Power On and Power Off Animations..

    The Phone Still Answers Calls and Stuff Like Its Supposed to...
    Its Just I Cant Do Anything when the Menu ANimations Go Garbled and take up most of the screen..

    I've Tried Power Off, Power On.

    I've Tried Power Off, Remove Batter... Power On..

    Its Still Corrupted... I Havent a Clue how this happened.. its only like 4 or 5 days Old..

    Im Most Likely Going To the Cell Phone Company Where i bought it and asking them..

    But I Wanted a Second Opinion on what it could be....

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    Sounds to me like the LCD Driver chip has either gone bad or may have a bad connection. Your best bet is to return it to the store and get a replacement, this should be covered by your warantee.

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    will do,

    i went to the provider, where the normally used to replace my phone,

    i guess the person was new, she re-set the phone a few times... and then said i had to take it to the provider technician..

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