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    how do u send mp3 songs to an audiovox 8900? I used sound forge but it wouldn't let me change the mp3 to the right specs. also how do u change the file to midi?

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    Are you trying through vzwpix.com or through a data cable/brewsky?

    If you are using a cable then read on. My advice would be to dump Soundforge. I had no luck at all getting an mp3 to work when using it. I tried about 10 different encoding schemes and they would all never play on my phone, I'd just get silence when I tried to use Soundforge encoded mp3's.

    I am using Adobe Audition 1.5 and the very first mp3 I encoded worked like a charm on my phone. I used these settings to encode it : 64kbps 44100khz mono. The sound quality is much better than the other suggested encoding settings I've seen in the various tutorials on getting mp3's on the 8900. Also, don't worry about changing the mp3 to a mid, you don't need to. And the whole 'keep your mp3 at or under 100kb isn't true either.' My current ringtone is 238kb.

    I used a total of 3 steps to get my ringtone from pc to phone. First, trim 30 seconds out of the desired mp3, encode to above settings, open Brewsky and upload to phone. No renaming, no crappy codec settings and it worked great.

    If you are going through vzwpix.com, I have read that you have to rename the file with a .mid extension otherwise the mail filter on the site will not send the file. I have never used it personally so you're on your own with that.

    Hope this helps.

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