Hi Folks, I'm very new to this forum, so might be a bit clumbsy...sorry!

Problem: phone is frozen with msg " dog.c 00607 " at the top of the main screen and a picture of a cartoon character in a jester's outfit (!) on the flip's sub-LCD (I know this makes me sound crazy, but that's what I'm lookin' at!) and while it is apparent this picture is intentional, there is no reference to it in the owner's manual (the whole manual is very poor in my opinion). The phone froze once before shortly after I bought it...took it back to the Verizon store and the rep simply removed the battery and reinstalled it...that didn't work this time. Anybody know how to fix this? If you can lend help, many thanks in advance.....

Other question: As I looked through the forum hoping to find a similar post, I noted one submitted by "dfran1972" 06-13-2004 titled, "AudioVox 8600 Voice Tag question". Are there different "8600"s? My manual makes NO reference to Voice operation capability.....???

Again...thanks for any help you might lend....Patty

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