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    Do You Know How To Work An Feature On The Audiovox 8910 To Close The
    Phone When You Are Talking To Someone

    See More: How to make make ringtones using your voice recorder(Audiovox CDM8910)

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    Quote Originally Posted by enothing
    I had the same problem many of you have. I couldn't make my voice recordings turn into ringtones.

    Took me a while to figure out how to do it.

    1.Go to TOOLS in the menu
    2.go to voice memo
    3.hit record
    4.after finishing recording, do not save it; instead press SEND.
    5.You will be automatically sent to the text message options.
    6.On the top right hand side you'll see a musical note.
    7.Press OK, and then send it to yourself
    9. As soon as you receive the message open it. click on the message options and press save to media.
    10.Rename the ringtone
    11.go to settings and look for it under downloads.

    NOTE: The sound quality is very bad, and you can't adjust the volume on the ringtone.

    IF you need further help, contact me.
    Explanation was very helpful. I knew I could make my own ringtones with the 8900 but not with the 8910. I made 2 ringtones already. Thanx

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    yeah i just figured this out ealier, sound quality sucks though as you said

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    I know, thats why stopped making ringtones from the radio unless I fix them on my computer.

    I love my cellys

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    At the top of my cellphone screen say send phto message, but when i tried 2 send it, it wouldn't let me i don't have phto message i know but is the another way 2 do this

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