Hi Everybody!

I used to have a Kyocera, couldn't do anything good with it. I didn't bother with any extras whatsoever. Now I have an Audiovox 8910. Seems like a popular model. I'm with Bell Mobility. I keep hearing about this data cable that you need to download stuff onto the phone. Is that available in stores like Radio Shack or something?

There's something really unsettling about this usb cable thingy and how so many people here have had major problems after trying to download stuff that way. Is it even worth it to risk screwing up your phone?

Also, is it possible to download stuff free without a usb data cable with this phone? Please let that be a "yes". And I hear you need to download some software onto your PC to download stuff with the usb cable. If you need all this stuff, why doesn't Audiovox make it available with the phone, especially made for that model, so that there's little risk of damaging the phone's system? Have they done that? I mean, Sony does this for their mp3 players and what not, it seems like a good idea to have software specifically designed for this phone. Anyway, answers to those questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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