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    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!Hello guys,
    I am in Canada, and our service provider 'Bell Mobility' has given us a new phone Audiovox 8930 1.3 megapixel....but they have locked the access to get the pictures unless I pay mega $$ to send them via their service. Is there anyway to crack their phone codes so I can use the usb cable to download directly from my phone to my computer as many pictures as I want without paying all the time? I have heard their is software to do that...can youconfirm this and direct me to it? or confirm that I'm just stuck with the $$$ loss?

    Thanks Guys

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    If you go to Http://mypictures.bell.ca I believe you can get all the pictures you take and send to your online album I just go into that site and send them to my email I haven't not been charge for any of them ones yet. From my email I put them onto my computer and walla I print them. I hope this helps I am not sure if that is the right answer to your question.

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    Much better than Bell's online services which charges you per Kb uploaded...

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