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    I just recently purchased a faceplate for my phone, an AudioVox CDM 8910. How would I happen to be able to switch the default faceplate with the one I just purchased??? Reponses would be appreciated.

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    From what I've read (I've not done it yet), you'll need a screwdriver and a pin/exacto knife/razor to do it.

    There are screws under the silver circles (screwcaps) under the inner LCD. lift them off carefully with the pin/knife tip, and don't touch the sticky underside (put them on a piece of waxpaper or the backing from some sticker).

    Once you unscrew the screws the plate should lift off, but the camera may come with it, so lift it off carefully, and be sure not to damage it when removing it from the faceplate.

    Then you just reverse the process, screw the screws in and replace the caps.

    Again, I just remember reading this on another forum for when I plan on doing it, but I don't know if it will go this smootly.

    Good luck.

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