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    I just started messing around with this phone after having it for almost a year. Anyway, I have followed ALL instructions to connect the phone through both BitPim and Brewsky which I can do with ease. The problem occurs when I try to upload a true .midi file. In BitPim I follow this:

    Put the ringtones on the phone:
    1. Navigate to user\sound\ringer.
    2. Right-Click the 'ringer' node and select New File.
    3. Select a .MID, .MP3, or .QCP file in the "Select a file" dialog box.
    4. Click Open
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all files you want to upload.
    You are done with BitPim

    Make your phone see the files:
    Go to your phone's main screen.
    Menu> 4 Get it now>1 Get it now>CLR
    (Your phone just created the download_snd.txt file!)
    CLR> 6 Media Gallery>3 Tones

    After the progress bar in BitPim finishes uploading the file I get an error saying that there was a problem manipulating the file system on the phone. Then when I go into Brewsky the .midi I uploaded comes up under 'Wallpapers'. So I have resorted to using 'free' online uploaders to load the midi files on with success but don't wanna spend 25cents a pop when I have the damn cable.

    I also have a another problem/issue. Is there anyway to get my midi files that I upload to loop?

    Tech info:

    BitPim = Latest Version
    Brewsky = Latest version
    Phone = Audiovox 8910
    Service = Verizon


    See More: Problem Uploading onto 8910 w/BitPim

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    I've read tutorials on this on a few sites (thephonemall, howard, cellphonehacks), but I'm mainly posting to say that the only thing you really haven't tried is QPST.

    Give that a shot.

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