I used to be hooked to the 8920. It was my baby and I bought it for like $70 with a two year agreement. My mom loves it and wants it and hates her 8200. I hated the 8920 by this time, partially because it was the crappiest phone I have ever had. One point three megapixels? MY ASS. This phone had so many glitches with it, I can't even begin to start. Anyway, comparison to the Sanyo 8200. This phone makes my digital camera look like a disposable. And I have a 4 megapixel camera. The 8920 camera was low-resolution, even on the memory-waster high. You have to adjust the white balance everytime you go to take a picture. Well, I'll waste more time and write up a review. Just incase anyone gets the idea to get this phone.

(This is all in my opinion by the way.)

Audiovox PM-8920
Sprint Service/ Not so sure about local service.
Pros: Flashy lights, Macro switch(if you know how to use it), Nice screen, Nice buttons.

Cons: Ugly outside, Sub LCD has high resolution screen but crappy choices, Speakerphone doesn't deserve to be called a speaker, the list goes on and on...

If you want a crystal clear phone to make calls on, this is for you. But otherwise, for the shutterbugs, consider shopping around. Might I suggest the Sanyo 8200?

Sanyo 8200
Sprint Service/ Again not sure about local.
Pros: Nice, loud speaker, VGA 640x400 camera, External LCD screen can be set to four or five different choices, Nice speaker button...no hassles, Slideshow for viewing pictures without clicking through thumbnails, Nice menu, No confusing menus...

Cons: Sometimes the sound is a little muddy, Speaker on the highest setting can be EXTREMELY LOUD, flushed numbers...makes dialing by memory a little harder...

This phone's camera alone boasts better pictures than a 1 megapixel...NEED I SAY MORE!?

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