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    I just purcased a new faceplate for the Audiovox 9900 but I have no real idea how to remove the faceplate safely. Does anyone know how to do it without the help of a faceplate removal kit? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Sorry dude wish I could help. Which faceplate did you get? There are some pretty hot ones.

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    I got it on eBay, it's dark blue with a dragon on it...looks good in the plastic case but would probably look better on my phone

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    How to remove your CDM 9900 Faceplate

    Okay, if you just have the small faceplate, this is easy, If you have the full backside of the phone, there is a little more to it..

    Small Faceplate, Simply heat up the piece you are going to replace around teh outer screen with a hairdryer or something. This is not completely neccessary, and make sure not to melt anything.. Take a small needle, and work it under an edge of the outer screen and begin to pry it up. You should be able to do this without alot of force and also without messing up your phone.. If it is very difficult try another area, I found the best luck right by the camera lense..

    Taking off the entire top back..
    It took me a little while to figure this one out..
    Open your phone, On the inner screen you will notice chrome looking strips at the top and bottom.. Take a needle or something extremely small, and use it to get under the chrome strips, Prefferrably from the sides, or where the minor indents already are.. These are just stickers, so you may want to heat them up a bit before trying to peel them off, but otherwise they should come off no problem. You will need either a bit that will fit this goofy looking screw, or I used an extremely small regular screwdriver (this kinda messes up the tops of the screws though). Remove all 4 screws. and pry from the backside of the phone, You will be able to get the outer casing off.. there are small tabs on the sides you will have to push slightly in to release the pieces of the case from each-other.., and your upper case is off... Be careful, your flash is only on a chip that can come right out, dont lose it..

    The back of the keypad area isnt very difficult either.. There are a few rubber graumet type things (the only rubber pieces on the whole phone), pry them out and you will see 2 screws, the other 2 are behind the battery towards the bottom of the phone, Remove all 4 screws and begin prying from one side or the other, maybe the top back of the phone.. The backing will stick somewhat to the audiovox sticker inside the battery compartment. You should be able to seperate the two without messing up the sticker if your trying to stay legit.. Your screen disconnect is towards the top if your replacing the lcd, or anything in the tophalf of the phone..

    well. Good luck, Im not responsible if you break anything..

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