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    Does this program work for MP3's with the Audiovox 8910?

    I've sent a number of MP3's to my phone on several occassions but ws never able to download them from my browser. I always got an error message.

    I don't have a USB cable so I'm wondering if there's a similar program or service like Mobile17.com that's easy to use and fairly user-friendly where I can use my web browser to download an MP3 ringtone?

    Someone on another forum here, made me a 25 second MP3 audio clip to use.

    I just want to figure out how to get it on my phone without having to go out and spend $30 on a USB cable that I'll never use again?


    See More: Mobile17.com

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    Firstly, you can get a 8910 cable off eBay for $8-$10 shipping included. Secondly, I don't know if you've tried it yet, but there's this:


    That has worked for some.

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