Hi everyone. I currently own an Audiovox phone, (Not certain of the exact model #, but it's in the 8000 series.) It is not a flip phone. It has a few stock polyphonic ringtones, a speaker phone on the back, is GPS capable. I'm looking to upgrade my phone, but here's my problem...

I am visually impaired, so, I need to be able to "feel" the buttons on my cell phone in order to quickly dial a number. Most phones out today have the buttons flat against the phone, or just slightly indented. I need buttons like the ones on my current Audiovox phone, ones that are raised above the surface of the phone. I also want to be able to add my own ringtones to the phone. It must be a CDMA complient phone, and I really like the way my current Audiovox is made. In fact, my only problem with it is that I can't add my own polyphonic and/or real music ringtones. I don't want/need a camera/PDA, anything like that, as I couldn't see to use it anyway.:-) I do want a speaker phone, voice dialing, to be able to add my own ringtones and set them for specific callers (My form of caller ID.)

Above are the things I must have. I don't know if it exists, but I'd LOVE to find an Audiovox phone with those features, that would also let me somehow change the display on my phone. (I need a black or no background with white text in order to get the best use of something.) I'm sure I could make just plane black wallpaper and put it on my phone, but I'd need to have the capability of changing the phone's text color to white if I did that. Besides, that's just something I'd love to have, not something I have to have.

I figure that the newer Audiovox phones are going to provide me with more than what I need. I'm assuming that my best bet would be to purchase an "older" model, but one that's newer than the one I currently have. I'd appreciate any suggestions on which Audiovox model(s) might work for me? Thanks for the help!


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