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    Bell Audiovox CDM 8910 USB to PC

    i bought this usb cable for my phone. I was wondering if anyone knows how to connect my phone with my pc. i've tried the driver givin by the usb seller and another from the internet. however, i can't even see my device appear on my pc.


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    In this order:

    Install PC Sync for the TX-115C:


    Then install BitPim and/or QPST:

    BitPim: www.bitpim.org
    QPST: (You'll have to search for this )

    Reboot after every install, then connect the phone. If it appears in device manager, then all is well. If not, disconnect the phone, enter ##7678 into the handset to place it into USB DIAG mode, then connect it again.

    Let us know what happens.

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    ^^when i downloaded and went to install PC Sync it says that its not Windows Tested and it may harm my computer...that normal?

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