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    Ok, so I just bought a audiovox snapper, and have virgin mobile for service.
    So, I want to get stuff on my phone, such as midi,mp3,gif ,etc. and my phone suports all of this content. With a phone I had with t-mobile, I was able to send these things to my other phone through my e-mail, and save them to my phone. WIth this phone I have from virgin mobile, I can send an e-mail to my phone ,but it never come with the attachments. Just the email it self. I tried using wap, but I always get the 403 error when I try to download stuff from a website. I can go to anywebsite I want, but then when I want to download something I always get a 403 error. Anyone knoe what I can do to get stuff on my phone with using cables?

    *Edit: Ok, it was definetly a 8915.*

    See More: Audiovox 8910. Or was it 8915? anyway, wap issuses.
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    Re: Audiovox 8910. Or was it 8915? anyway, wap issuses.

    I beleive you can send pics to ur 8915 by sending them to
    (your 10 digit phone number)@vmpix.com
    Ringtones u either purchase from VM or load them via data cable.

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