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    OK, here's the deal.
    I was playing around with all the wonderful codes, and eventually tried (i think)
    Which led me to a menu with several options, one of which being contrast.
    I, stupidly, decided to see what would happen if I set it to 300.
    The screen turned black, and I have no way of fixing it.
    I gave the phone to radioshack, who, THREE MONTHS later, returned it, saying that they "don't know what the problem is".
    Please, anyone.
    I need to know the menu listing you get when you enter the code, and/or the sequence of buttons to press to change the contrast back to normal (78, if I remember correctly).
    NOTE: This code _should_ work on all audiovox phones, so anyone can help.
    I've tried what was supposedly a hard reset (I can't really tell without being able to see the menus), but to no avail.

    See More: Contrast too high... any help?

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    Re: Contrast too high... any help?

    i did the same thing if i just had a menu listing i could probably fix it. i remember the default was set to 177 on my phone.

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