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    I've gotten a migraine headache trying to decipher reading the Audiovox 8610 user's guide. My grandson gave me his old phone in case I needed an ambulance while running the Boston marathon. He said it was full charged. I left it in my glove compartment for several months until I decided to check it out today. I discovered the battery was almost dead. It took two hours to put a full charge on it, does that mean I should buy a new battery?

    I know this is a stupid question, but does the power have to be ON to receive calls? If so, does that mean the power has to stay on all day? Wont that run the battery down even faster?

    Since I'm not expecting calls, and not likely to be making non emergency calls, can I leave it off and just power it up when I need 911?

    I'd appreciate some savvy hints from the twelve year olds out there.

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    Re: Some ABCs for an old gaffer

    The phones battery life will be at least a few days of "Standby" time, this means it should be powered on and be okay. "Talk Time" is the time you actually talk on the phone, and older phones you will probably get at least 3 hours of that. In general phones last days in standby mode, you just have to charge the battery.

    Does that help?

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