Just came back from visiting the local Telstra shop. He has on the
shelves, the Palm Treo 750, I-mate JasJam and the new Samsung Blackjack.

I more or less dismissed the Jasjam due to a lot of bad press that it's
been getting, plus it feels too bulky and not that ergonomic. The
Blackjack's too new and its screen appears smaller than the other two.

So I asked to have a play with a functioning Treo, as I'd only, til that
point looked at the mockups.

It took a minute or so to boot up, probably typical Windows environment
thing. Once in, though, it seemed OK. Navigation using either the
control (left, right, up and down) thingy in the middle of the keypad or
using the stylus, ala Palm PDAs was easy enough.

I comes with a mini version of MS Office. But didn't have any documents
to check out on it.

The keys aren't too bad to use, but if you have thick pudgy fingers then
this model may not be for you.

Finally, we started talking turkey. Best that the guy could do for an
outright cash sale was around $1,050. I expressed my dismay saying that
I'm seeing them on Ebay for considerably less. Sorry, that's it, he

Not to worry.

Anyway, still considering my options. But if I do go the phone/PDA route
then I'd probably look at the Palm. It (the manufacturer) has a solid
reputation. Whereas I-mate sounds like a new Asian startup. Samsung
isn't bad, as my 501 has proven to be a rock solid performer so far,
other than some bugs with the browser software. But its after sales
support, particularly via its website is nothing to write home about.
But it is a fair bit cheaper.

I'm still trying to wrangle a deal at work. I can get any PDA on salary
sacrifice, but if it has the word "phone" appended anywhere in its
description, then it gets a knockback. So, I gotta check the ATO's
rulings on sal. sac. PDA/Phones.

"Solutions are not the answer." - Richard Nixon

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