TELSTRA chief executive Sol Trujillo's attempt to censor his entry in the
online encyclopedia Wikipedia has attracted an unexpected ally - the
website's founder, Jimmy Wales.

A legal demand by Mr Trujillo to have parts of his Wikipedia entry removed,
made in March but only publicised last week, resulted in the disappearance
of all but six short sentences on his entry page.

Telstra insisted its US-born chief executive was not trying to censor
entries about his employment history and was solely aggrieved by defamatory
personal comments.

Mr Wales, responding to criticism of the censorship on Wikipedia's
discussion page, said it was "absolutely false" that Mr Trujillo had used
legal action to have legitimate criticism of him removed from the website.

"It is sad to see a media so irresponsible as to make it seem that Wikipedia
would cave to a few lawyers letters objecting to legitimate criticism," Mr
Wales said.

"It is even sadder to see Mr Trujillo attacked by that same irresponsible
media for something he did not do."

Mr Trujillo's legal demand referred to an anonymous Wikipedia contributor
who repeatedly reinstated defamatory comments, even after other users and
editors had removed them.

While Mr Wales did not refer to the nature of the comments, he labelled them
as "disgusting lies".

Telstra has assigned a member of its public relations team to monitor the
website "to contribute information that will improve the quality of
Telstra-related pages".

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