Mobile phones (http://www.*****/buy-online/WO-shopping-deals-
best-W4O/mobile_phones.html) have shown considerable potential in
their ability to take in more mediums and offer multiple services. A
mobile phone is naturally handy and it has established itself as the
most sought after communication device. Besides communication it has
also sought ways of converging with other forms of media into it to
give a multi-purpose functionality. This is seen with its ability to
multi-task by giving camera facility, music capability, storage
ability, FM potential and much more. This adaptability of the mobile
phone has paved its way of being the most user-friendly and popular
convergent medium of all.

Mobile technology has been constantly altering to rope in newer media.
Mobiles have entered the computers foray of internet facility and
mobiles have adapted themselves to it and are performing quite well.
Banking and making payments have been simplified and can be done
through your mobile phone by sending a messaging or through internet.
Mobile phones have replaced music players and are reducing the need of
carrying numerous devices for various purposes. Mobile phones are
intervening into all mediums and providing an all-round performance.
There are obvious limitations to their performing abilities. Mobiles
have extremely limited scope of expansion and this makes them obsolete
after a new model has arrived.

Due to the augmentation in competition manufactures are deploying ways
to reduce the cost of the mobile phone. Mobile handsets are divided
into categories like the entry-level models, mid-range products, high-
range handsets and lifestyle phones. The entry-level models are
constantly striving to lower their prices and at the same time offer
additional features. The rise in competition is forcing handset makers
to lower their cell phone costs while at the same time find ways to
expand revenue by converging other services and facilities.

The reason for dropping prices is breaking into the rural sector and
establishing a grip. As the device is made common, people are looking
out for mobile phones which standout or are lifestyle models. The
lowered price of the phones is indirectly boasting the sales of the
higher-end handsets. Technology is advancing and the division of
mobile phone categories is being made evident by price range, features
and services provided.


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