Wasp Technologies, Ireland's premier mobile telecommunications
company, are proud to announce the worldwide launch of the Wasp T12
Speechtool on December 15th 2008. After three years of development,
viral marketing and strategic product placement, market research
indicates that this is going to be "the" handset to be seen with in
2009 within the 15-35 demographic. Projections indicate that unit
sales are likely to exceed those of both the RAZR and iPhone by Q3
2009. RRP at launch is 349USD / 269GBP / 299EUR . Specifications for
the handset are listed below : -

3G / EDGE ; quad-band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
WASP OS 1.1.0 incorporating blurred fuzzy-logic
Bluetooth 2.0 for enhanced social-networking experience
Urban Orienteer GPS with x-zac position (TM)
Compressed wide-screen - TFT, 256K colours , 320 x 240 pixel carpet
"Renegade" TV hijack (TM)
Sharonized ceramic cast body with yellow / black HazTape graphics
64MB internal memory with micro-SD card expansion flange
Twin MP3 decks - plays MP3 / AAC / WMA / WAV / 78RPM- quadraphonic 2Hz
99dB EarBlaster MP3 ringtone support
7.2MP camera with pedo detection
Java MIDP 2.0 using Squirrelfish Krakatoa implementation
Sympiot keyboard - full integer range
1024-character TXT with Full Fluid Lexicon (TM)
WiFi multi-play gaming with mercury (Hg) tilt capability
Intelligent ThermoTones (TM) - 0 to 37 Celsius
"Wasp Fmail" - Email with POP / IMAP / HOMO and push support
Full yellow WAZ capability
"Frictional Phone" charging system (TM)
H2 fuel-cell battery - standby time 200hrs, talk time 12.5hrs
Weight 100g
Size 103x58x15mm

We are taking pre-orders for delivery to resellers prior to the launch
date and an initial product run of 6 million units is available on a
first-come first-served basis. Please contact me with any queries or
with your order as a matter of urgency so that your company does not
miss out on the expected heavy demand for this ground-breaking product
over the holiday season.

Henry Samuel (head of UK marketing),
Wasp Technologies,
Unit 14,
Penrose Wharf,

UK sales office : +44 1457 852419

Wasp T12 viral marketing site - www.trashbat.com/t12/index.html

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