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    i know there's some posts about it but i'll just make a new thread. sorry.

    i really don't like how bell blocked the transferring of files. i really want to transfer files (such as mp3's, photos, etc.) from my computer to my phone and vice versa.

    is there any way to make it possible to do this?

    also, i want to know the security lock code for the phone. it's 6 digits but i don't know what it is and neither do the employees at bell.

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    Re: motorola razr v3c (bluetooth: transfer)

    Bluetooth OBEX profiles (transferring) are disabled on those phones.

    That said, there is a software kit called "Motorola Phone Tools". It includes a USB cable and CD. This allows you to upload/download pictures, videos, MP3s and your entire phone's contact list and calendar.

    And the security code you are looking for is the subsidy lock code to enter the programming menu of the phone. The code is propertiary to Bell Mobility, the customer is never told what it is. This is designed so you can only use the phone with Bell Mobility, hence Bell being able to subsidize the cost of the phone.

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    Re: motorola razr v3c (bluetooth: transfer)

    I activated by Solo Mobile Razr V3c phone, he told me I would have to go to the store for them to activate it, but walked me through it instead.

    What code are you talking about? On my razr, you enter #073887* quickly and then type the security code, which I am a complete idiot and forgot the code, I wrote other stuff down but didn't remember that code, I think it was 23 something, he went through a bunch of other codes that didn't work (111111).

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