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    My a900 experienced keypad issue just 1 month passed its manufacture warranty. Tried to contact Bell, buy they don't give any grace period. DAMN!

    The problem is all right column keys(#,9,6,3,back,option) are generate two key strikes every time when pressed: 9->96, 6->96, 3->#3, #->#3, "back" and "option" keys act as "option+back". I could not even use "back" key to erase any number typed. Except this, all others seem still functioning properly. Now, I only can dial numbers without 3/6/9 or by browsing my phone book.

    Does anyone know what the cause could be? Can I fix it by reflashing the firmware? How can I do it without losing my contacts?

    Any advice will be appreciated!

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    Re: Help: Samsung A900 Keypad Problem

    in somecases you dont lose contacts.but its bell so im not sure where your firmware is; i see sprint and Cricket so you might have to look a little harder

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