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    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has any good tips or knowledge regarding phone plans and contracts and can give me tips on how to haggle for a good deal?

    My situation:

    Originally 3 year contract, then after 1 year I got a new phone and renewed a 3 yeear contract (got an LG SHINE, which sucks balls I now realize), then after having the shine for a couple months, I am now seriously thinking of getting the Samsung Instinct on aug 8 when it comes out.

    Please someone help me out
    I am wondering:

    How does the whole data plan work with my existing plan? For instance, I'm on a corporate plan which is AWESOME (free b2b, unltd eve/wknd after 6, 250 dtm, caller id, msg center) and cheap ($28 after taxes). When I get the Instinct, how does the data plan affect my current plan? Will I be able to keep my corporate plan, and just add like iono the unlimited data plan etc.?

    Do I stand a chance at haggling and how shall I go about doing it? For instance, I'm not someone at the end of my contract, I'm still fresh, so I can't use the whole end of contract position to haggle.
    I've heard that you can call customer service and tell them you want to cancel and go to a diff company, and if necessary, talk to their retention center and theres a chance they can throw some stuff in the plan for you? I guess whatever plan I set in mind, I can either do it on Friday at the store, or if possible just do it over the phone after getting my Instinct? Is there a point in doing before the Friday (when the instinct comes out) to "secure" a good plan?

    Can anyone go into detail on this or provide an anecdote from their own experience?

    I guess what I'm hoping for is, retain my corporate plan but add on w/e data package they have that gives unlimited data, unlimited txt etc. and hopefully that isnt too expensive. But I hope they can either reduce the price of the plan by like iono $5, or waive the activation fee (or both). Or if not, throw in some free stuff, like a $50 gas card (I was offered this before).

    Even better if I can get GPS as part of the unlimited data plan

    I know I may sound greedy, but isn't it smart to haggle to get the best deal? Obviously if it's not doable they wouldnt give me it.

    Any tips?

    thanks guys

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    Re: Getting the Samsung Instinct - any tips on haggling a good deal?

    #1-- The only plan that is compatible with the instinct is the "Everything" Plan. It's $99 for unlimited everything including talk or, the one I chose was the "Everything except unlimited talk." I get 450 minutes per month but unlimited everything else including, data, navigation, etc. It's $69.99

    #2 As far as a deal -i was in the middle of my contract, about a year into it. I went to Best Buy to see if I could get the phone for the $129 price they were offering for new contracts. The gentleman at Best Buy told me I'd be better off haggling with the folks at an actual Sprint store because Best Buy reps have no authority to change accounts or contracts. I went to the local Sprint corporate headquarters, threatened to cancel my account if they didn't give me a deal, and they directed me to someone in customer retention (over the phone). Then I told the rep the truth-- that I'd be better off paying the $200 cancellation charge with Sprint and buying an IPhone with a new contract through AT&T than I would be by buying the Instinct at full price. He agreed. So, he made a note on my account and I went to Best Buy and bought the Instinct for $129 + $18 activation fee. It was somewhat of a hassle and a lot more of a pain than I made it sound, but well worth the hundreds of dollars I saved.

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    Re: Getting the Samsung Instinct - any tips on haggling a good deal?

    Hey thanks for the response.
    I was too eager so I had called Customer Service yesterday and talked to Customer Retention and after speaking with 3 different people, they've agreed to give me some additional features.

    I'm with Bell Mobility and live in Canada, west coast so the plans might be different.

    Apparently, with my existing corporate plan, all I need to do is add a data plan ($15 cheapest) + $10 unlimited internet plan and I'm set, I don't need to change anything else. This works out to a sweet and cheap deal for me considering my exisiting corporate plan is amazing.

    I got them to give me a $200 hardware upgrade off the purchase of a new phone (normally i'm not eligible). Two $50 credits off my bill, and they added the $5 100 txt msgs feature for free.

    I'm glad they agreed because with my last 2 phones I've been getting the same crappy reception, missed calls, dropped calls..it's really frustrating. I almost missed a call for an interview because one time they called and it went straight to voicemail (lucky for me they actually did leave a voicemail)...my phone never rang..

    Yeah, I was pretty determined that if they wanted to keep me for another 3 year ( I was ready to cancel and pay $400) they'd better give me something good. Now it's up to seeing if the person at the bell store can offer anything once I buy the phone (Since I got the hardware upgrade, it's like I'm renewing a contract)...

    seriously I live near a CS center and my reception stinks. 2 different phones, same story. I'm hoping the instinct will change things...that's the reason why I'm even deciding to stay with Bell

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