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    Hmm, what is going to happen?

    I logged on to "My Bell", because I wanted to check that the Customer Service rep did my plan change right (he did not of course), and I noticed, that the 8.95 System Access Fee was listed as a "Feature" that I could add/remove. Um, so I unchecked it. What's going to happen? Anyone try this?


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    Thank you! You've successfully submitted your changes. Allow up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

    Check the status of your request from your phone. Send a free text message to 82273 (TCARE) and follow the instructions.

    To learn how to get the most out of your new features, click See user guide.

    Please note: Your next bill may show charges for a partial month of service.

    We recommend you save this e-mail or print it for your records.

    Order Number : 28721175
    Action Product or service Pay by Due now New monthly fees Old monthly fees
    Remove Sys Access Fee $8.95, 911 Fee $0.75 Account - - $9.70

    Note: If you added Message centre/voicemail to your profile, return to My wireless services and click Reset my voicemail password . This will provide you with a temporary password and instructions on how it can be changed. - - -
    Monthly fees - $0.00 $9.70
    Total due now $0.00 - -
    See full offer details for: Personal rate plans - - -

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    Re: Question: Just "deleted" SAF on "My Bell" website

    AFAIK it will be either re-enabled or (very unlikely) you end up paying $8 less a month.

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    Re: Question: Just "deleted" SAF on "My Bell" website

    i checked it out... i cant seem to change anything except calldisplay blocked ?... is ti still doing the same for you?

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