So basically my Storm got wet and died, and because I was broke and could not afford to replace it as water damage is not covered, and the ETF was $400 (now $600 because I took off data). I was without a phone for a month then I got a WinMo based Samsung Ace at $100, but because it only had OS 6.0 and I assumed that you could put another carrier's (newer) os onto a WinMo phone I installed Sprint's 6.1 ROM on it the same day and killed the phone and voided the warrenty. So I just gave up and wanted to get a chep phone but i still wanted a QWERTY so I got a Samsung Link. However, whenever my mom killed her TELUS phone they said to just buy a prepaid phone for cheaper and activate it onto the account. However, the Samsung Link was locked to prepaid only so i had no choice but to just activate it onto prepaid.
so, just for fun i put in the MEID into "change my phone" on my contract and it said "in use" and NOT "unable to be used"
if i deactivate my prepaid, can i put this phone onto my contract?

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