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    Ok, I posted this on another forum I am part of, but I wanted to see if any knowledgeable individuals here could help me. I'm trying to find out if there is an unlisted number I can call to get some sort of resolution because this story is borderline ridiculous. I edited it down as much as possible, but it's LONG. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB, but any other suggestions? What should I expect if/when I do get a resolution? Here goes:

    Ok, so last March, my wife and I switched our cell phones over to Bell. My wife called them first, got the plan we wanted and they told us "just go to a Bell store and pick your phones." So we did, and 2 and 1/2 hours later, they finally figured out how to set up the plan.

    Fast forward - June 2009: My cell phone power button breaks. I call Bell, they send me a replacement, I send the broken one back, life is good.

    Fast forward - December 2009: My cell phone power button breaks AGAIN. Different phone, same problem. Coincidence? I think not. So I call customer service to get it replaced and ask them if they can get me a different phone since there appears to be an obvious mechanical issue. They send me to technical support who tells me to send the phone in for repair. I say "I know, I want to find out about getting a new phone." Back to customer service, explain problem for 3rd time and put on hold to get a supervisor. Put on hold so long it sends me back into the queue, explain problem to CS, they send me back to tech support :face:

    Ok, forget the new phone, can I just get a replacement again like before. No. I must go to a Bell store and have them send it back, any Bell store will do. I need a loaner phone. Easy enough, $25 non-refundable (eventually got them agree to credit it back) and 3 weeks for the repair.

    Head out to Bell store #1: they were brand new and had no phones yet but tell me to go across the street to the Bell kiosk in the mall.

    Bell Kiosk #1: We could send it back if you purchased it here, but you didn't. Go to the original place of purchase (across town since we moved... what happens if you move provinces?).

    Bell Kiosk #2 (original place of purchase): Kiosks can't send phones back for repair anymore (wft?) so you have to go to a retail location. Here's your proof of purchase info, good luck. I also ask the sales guy what happens if the phone breaks again outside of the 1 year warranty... since I got the defective phone here (that he mentioned had issues), could they do something for me? "SURE!" Hopes up... we are having an awesome Boxing Day sale next week and Blackberrys will be like $400. I'm giving him the middle finger in my head.

    Bell store #2: Took the phone in and they could actually send it back for me! YAY!!! I gave him the phone, he reconfirmed 3 weeks. I asked about a loaner and said I was told $25 non-refundable. Correct, except they forgot to tell me before it was $125 refundable as well. Took the phone and waited to hear back from the store that my phone was ready...

    so, 3 weeks go by, no call. I wait until it's 4 weeks on the money. I call Bell tech support and ask "Dude, where's my phone?" The lady puts me on hold, comes back and says that they don't keep record of where the phone is and there's no way to track it. I should call the store and ask if they had it but it takes 3-6 weeks (they forgot to mention the "to 6" part before as well).

    I call the Bell store asking if they have my phone. Without even asking who I am or anything the guys tells me "We would have called you if we had it, so we don't yet... 3-6 weeks." Same guy that confirmed 3 weeks.

    Ok, I'll bend over and take it. Only 2 more weeks, right? Well, today we are at 7 weeks and 2 days. So I call Bell tech support again. Where's my phone? The guy puts me on hold and says, "ok, here's what the notes say..." NOTES! The lady 3 weeks ago said you don't track this!!! According to our records on Jan 17 (less than 2 weeks after I dropped the phone off) they determined my phone was out of warranty and the repair would cost $175. The phone was sent back to the store Feb 3rd.

    Ok dude, let's handle this one issue at a time. Out of warranty? The warranty is a year, right? Yes. It's February, got the phone in March... does not compute. Well, it goes by when the phone was initially activated. Well, I was told it was a new phone... apparently not... so I say the phone was supposed to be new. Uhh, well maybe it's based off the original activation date of the replacement phone. I say "Not my problem!" No one said getting a replacement phone would shorten my warranty, either verbally or in writing. Err, uh, it should be based off the original purchase date of the first phone. Ok, so back to 10 months does not equal a year.

    Ok, let me call the store and see if they can "trace" your phone. 45 min later, umm, you phone is "in transit." It was sent Feb 3rd? Does it take over 3 weeks to get there. I don't know, but they said they get stuff in bulk (wtf?). So Jack from the store will call you when it gets in. BUT he will then have to resend it for repair, so it will still be several more weeks. I ask if he knows when it will get there... no. No tracking number (how do we know it's in transit?).

    Sent me to retention to get my $25 non-refundable deposit credited. John in retention gives me a fax number. Says he can't help with anything else and it's the store's responsibility. Doesn't know how the phones are sent, doesn't know how long it should be.

    So here I am with the crappy loaner phone, Bell has held my deposit for 4 weeks past what they originally set expectations for with likely another month or two if they even find the phone. It's not repaired, so they have to send it back again.

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    Re: Anyone have a number other than CS?

    I am so pissed at these guys. We were so upset we cancelled my daughter's plan, actually payed a fine for early cancellation, and a year later they send us a bill now, stating we did not cancel it... and that they used the extra money to pay the bills in the last year....we said no service on the phone???we don't have it anymore and we cancelled and payed the fine....."no you didn't " yes we did..."ok who was the person and their contact number?" it was over a year ago.."have you seen any activity on the phone?" no but you should have called and told us you weren't receiving bills" What?!?!?!?! We cancelled it, we payed you the cancellation fee, and you just sent us a bill a year later? Why would we question it if we cancelled? And why did you renew the contract yourselves even after the contract would have been expired naturally? Not a coincidence either you say we owe what is owed after you decided to renew the contract yourselves....and we didn't hear from you for a year???? , I left a message 2 weeks ago with what is supposed to be the supervisor of CS.cause I felt I wasn't convinced anything was going to be done..Originally ..he just said "your word against ours ..you might as well pay... Even though yes it is possible our employee didn't cancel your account.." Anyway they were supposed to send us a final billing...and he was supposed to call us back and neither has happened.

    STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS.... I guess my next move is to be in public view in front of people or something. Or start a class action suit...I am sure there are thousands of people who are fed up. I have dealt with both of their competitors for years and years,and although they are not perfect either, they have some sort of scruples. These guys are I believe, the worst company I have ever dealt with. ..

    Don't hold your breath thinking one of them would come on here and to help. I am just sick how the experience I have had with them has not resolved itself.

    To summarize where we are with this.

    We paid cancellation and payed the final billing and a year later they send a letter (a year later first time we hear from them) stating we owe two months more....
    We told them we cancelled they won't believe....they even said "yes we see where the whole amount was paid on the account..but we see no notes where you cancelled.
    We said why would we pay cancellation charges and the phone hasn't been used .... and they said tough basically.
    They said this time if I pay the two months they will send a final billing.....like extortion here...
    They said they would send a final billing...haven't seen it, won't return my calls...

    What the hell am I supposed to do here? anyone with ideas or similar experiences....we should team up on this....
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    Re: Anyone have a number other than CS?

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