Hi Forum:

To say that I am extremely frustrated is to make a colossal understatement. Ever since I got my 3G I Phone from Bell I have been getting error messages when sending international texts. I get an error message that says "invalid phone number".

I sometimes can send 10 texts to the number then suddenly get error messages for all remaining texts I send Or, all texts won't go through. Or, I'll send 5 texts and 3 will go through but two will not. I sometimes receive only partial messages from overseas, especially if the message is long.

This has seriously impacted both my work and personal life. I know some you have had the same problem, so any suggestions on how it was fixed would be greatly appreciated.

I have spoken to Bell at least 25 times and numerous "tickets" have been opened and the issue "escalated". Nothing has been resolved. They have never even called me back since December even though they have promised to several times.

And yes, I get charged for all the messages so far. I've argued to no avail.

I have:

a. Had the SIM card changed twice;
b. Changed my phone number at their suggestion since I started with a number from Rogers that I switched (they charged me for a new phone number!);
c. Changed the entire phone, courtesy of Apple;
d. Re-set the phone and done everything we can think of to the settings etc.

And so on.

In all the companies one deals with in one's life, I must say I hate Bell the most at this point. Never in 30 years have I been so angry at a company.


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