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    ok so ive been on the bell site. and ive been trying to find out my transaction history, but cant find it anywhere. how can i see/find my transaction history, im on a plan but a **** ton of money just dissapeard from my account and keeps dissapearing. and all i do is text NO i dont use the internet. also every time i try and call bell ( NO MATTER WHAT HOUR) i says its closed ad this is really pissing me off!!!!!!!

    See More: Transaction history?
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    Re: Transaction history?

    I'm having the exact same problem. I recently switched to Bell, have a bunch of missing money on my prepaid account that is currently unaccounted for, and can't seem to find any kind of Transaction History anywhere on their site.

    Help would be greatly appreciate!

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    Re: Transaction history?

    Have you registered/ tried the bell online site:
    View/Pay bill: http://support.bell.ca/en-on/Customer_service/Billing/How_to_understand_and_pay_my_mobile_phone_bill
    View OneBill: http://support.bell.ca/en-on/Customer_service/Billing/How_to_understand_my_One_Bill
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