I feel like Charlie Brown kicking the football once again. I was on a plan with my wife. We have had the plan for over 7 years and it is no longer available. It was a basic shared voice plan. The only add-on I had was caller Id which was given to me by Bell a year or two ago. I wanted to keep my plan for me (no phone change) and get my wife an Apple Iphone 4s. I decided on the $40 fab 10 plan for me and the $60 Fab 10 plan for my wife. I called retention and they agreed (or so I thought) that they would keep me on month to month and throw in caller Id free. My wife got the Iphone on a three year plan and they agreed to give my wife caller id and voice mail free. I went to my friendly Bell Mobility dealer yesterday and asked them to call Bell and verify That the agreement was solid. They did and said I was good to go. When I got home after making the purchase, I went online and found we both were on a 3 year plan and the caller id for me was a one month promo for both of us!

I called Bell retention and I was able to get myself off of the three year plan and get my wife's plan to allow the caller Id and voice mail free for the 3 year duration. For me, I lost free caller Id. I wish they had an email address for complaints and responses to complaints. Without having it on paper, it is hard to pin them down and force them to abide by their promises. I have home phone, Internet, two cell phones and a TV plan, ALL on month to month and even though it is a pain, I will begin to plan to leave Bell for the three plans that are not under contract.

I feel like I need to see if my wallet is still in my pocket after I talk to Bell.

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