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    Does the connection get better where ever you got it cause i got my phone from richmond british columbia canada and i go back home in burnaby its either 1 bar or 2 bars or no service if its like this can i change it to where i live ?

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    Re: question on connection

    Contact you carriers customer support, they may help you with firmware for your phone or settings for your area.
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    Re: question on connection

    Signal and reception on your phone is definitely affected by location - dependent on your proximity to a tower and the nature of the coverage in your area it's entirely possible your service could go from full to just two bars, or even none. You could also possibly be within something called a "Marginal Coverage Area". Unfortunately this is a limitation of the network infastructure, but if you're using an HSPA there are very few areas nearby civilization without at least passable coverage.

    Unfortunately this can't really be mitigated on a device level, but if you're interested in ensuring that you're doing everything you can to get optimal signal on your phone, just make sure the software is up to date. If you want network issues looked into in your area, give Bell technical solutions a call. If you communicate that this is a recent problem (within 14 days) it can be classified as a sudden degradation and may be escalated - if it's been going on longer than that, it will be classified as "Trending" which means it will still be looked into on a networking level, but just not with as much urgency. Jost don't call in with the expectation that Bell techs will be there the next day to build a new tower on your front lawn. :P

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