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    I'm looking to acquire a new phone service.
    So, I ordered the Bell Phone, by itself.
    A few days later I get an email from Bell stating that I "have to phone in to verify my phone purchase"

    What the ****?

    I'm ordering a phone! Why? Because I don't have access to a phone!
    Is Bell this ****ing stupid?

    Obviously I cannot phone until you come setup my phone.

    How can I give so much money to a company, such as Bell, who do not understand the basic fundamentals of how their own service works?
    I think its common sense that a phone purchase should not require a phone. Much like you do not need a car to buy a car, or a house to buy a house!

    Stupid Bell, just plain Stupid.

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    Re: Bell requires a phone to buy a phone (rant)

    It simply seems to me that they require a Phone Number of some sort. This is standard practice when buying a mobile phone as any company will ask for a home phone number. When i call bell they always ask for verification purposes.

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