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    Hi I received a txt message from bell two days ago and they advised me that I owed them over 700$ worth of internet acces usage. I have had the same contract for a year and a half and have never gone over my 500MB limit. Now they are billing me for a 14G of usage I wouldnt used in 12 days which I didnt. I am very well aware of how much I download or upload and would never have gone over. We have checked the usage with the amounts and dates and it makes absolutly no sense. One I was in a driving exam another in a calculus exam, another I was working... We called the company, we went over there, they say there is nothing they can do... now there is no way we will pay such an amount for we know we have never used any of the services they say they have provided us.. I really was looking forward to hearing about similar situations and how you guys got out of it. Thank you so much!!!!! I really dont know what to do and I really scared cauz I dont have that kind of money to waste!

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    Re: internet bill problem

    What phone do you have? I'm just curious if you downloaded an app or something similar that uses a lot of data.

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